Super-Spike is the largest beach volleyball tournament in Western Canada. Mixed with an ultimate frisbee tournament and a two-day concert series, it's a big hit in support of local charities. As a longtime partner of the event, we work closely with their event committee to provide ongoing design and digital services. 


Super-spike draws multiple audience types. Whether they’re coming for the sport, the entertainment, the festival, or to work behind the scenes, event managers need to continuously improve processes for registration, ticketing, game scheduling, people management, and account for all audience types. 


Our ongoing involvement as a vendor, sponsor, and volunteer helps us to see Super-spike's processes in action, watch for inefficiencies, and build solutions to help them improve every year. We work collaboratively with their event committee to meet their evolving needs. 

Logo, branding and on-demand design
Website development
Registration and ticketing solutions
Tournament scheduling and automation


Our long-term partnership with Super-Spike means we’re familiar with their brand and audience. We rebranded the event in 2011 and 2020 to keep it current and animated, and we work to keep the brand fresh from year to year.

Website Development

We built Super-Spike's latest website in 2018, bringing their recent brand refresh to life. Improving on the functionality of their previous sites, this one includes online team and vendor registration, sponsor and volunteer management, parking and admission sales, and automated game scheduling. This is the third site we've developed for Super-spike. 

On-demand design

Marketing and on-site planning starts long before the event. We work on-demand throughout the year to help keep their campaigns and design projects organized and on schedule. We also design all the on-site passes and signage to keep crowds informed and sponsors recognized. 

Accreditation badges, colour coded for Media, Backstage, or Committee access.
Parking passes shown in four different colours to identify Backstage, Premium, Staff/Vendor, or Volunteer parking access.
Volunteer poster
Venue flags designed to identify on-site resources like first aid, drink tickets, shuttle bus stop, or water stations.

Game Scheduling

Over 400 teams participate in the Super-Spike tournaments, so scheduling was a hassle. We built a program to automate game scheduling. It accounts for all teams in each division, divides them into pools, and ensures all teams in a pool play each other. When the round-robin is over, the system creates perfect brackets for the playoff schedule, and makes sure all games happen before the sun goes down.

Ticketing and event access

Super-spike attendees include teams, spectators and festival goers, volunteers, vendors, media, and VIP. We built a custom tool that allows event managers to account for and distribute all types of tickets, including printed promotional tickets.  

People can register online for their attendance type, and print their own tickets. The system also allows team captains to pay and manage their team information online. 

At the gate, Super-spike volunteers use our barcode scanners to quickly scan attendee’s tickets. We handle all ticket verification. We collaborated with their event committee to develop ticketing and gate procedures. They’re set up to operate independently, and we’re available for on-site technology and support.