Luscious Orange is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Our policy below is based on the National Standard of Canada Entitled Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information. All of our employees sign an agreement to protect any information available to them as a employee of Luscious Orange. 

Privacy principles

  1. Accountability: Luscious Orange is responsible for the personal information under it's control. All personal information collected by or provided to us remains confidential.
  2. Identifying purposes: When collecting personal information, we will clearly identify the purpose for its collection at or before the time the information is collected.
  3. Consent:  Expressed knowledge and consent is required before collecting, using, or disclosing any personal information, except where required or permitted by law. We expect that our clients have consent from their customers before submitting personal information to us. 
  4. Limited collection: The collection of personal information will be limited to what is necessary for the purposes identified by Luscious Orange. 
  5. Limiting use, disclosure and retention: Personal information may only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected, except with the consent of the individual or as required by law. Personal information may only be retained for the period of time to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. 
  6. Accuracy: Personal information will be kept as accurate, complete and current as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is to be used. 
  7. Safeguarding customer information: Personal information will be protected by security safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. 
  8. Openness: Luscious Orange will make information available to our customers about its management policies and practices.
  9. Customer access: Upon request, a customer shall be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of their personal information. In the case where Luscious Orange holds information as a result of a client obligation, the individual will be referred to the Luscious Orange client for access. An individual shall be able to verify the accuracy and completenes of their personal information and may request to have it amended, if appropriate. 
  10. Customer complaints: Customers may direct any questions and enquiries with respect to this privacy policy by contacting (204) 791-1914. 

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding Luscious Orange's privacy policy or practices, please first contact us directly. 

Website privacy policy

  • We do not automatically gather personal information from you such as names, addresses, phone numbers or emails. This information is only obtained if supplied voluntarily. 
  • Your email is only used to send you information you've requested and/or to respond to communiations from you. 
  • We use cookies to recognize returning visitors and monitor traffic, including the use of third-party solutions such as Google Analytics. 
  • We use software that receives and records IP addresses however we make no attempt to link these addresses to the identity of individuals. 
  • We do not sell, trade, or disclose to third parties any customer identifiable information.