We're a creative agency specializing in design, strategy, and web development.

Made in Manitoba

Paulo Fernandes and Mike Fagundes met at the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Engineering. In 2015 they united their experiences in engineering, design, programming, and visual effects to form Luscious Orange. We're now a team of seven, bringing content strategy, user experience, and digital marketing to meet our clients diverse web and design goals. 

Meet our team

Headshot of Paulo Fernandes


Co-owner, lead developer

As our co-owner and chief problem-solver, Paulo leads our web-based projects. He has a knack for turning digital chaos into clarity. 
B.Sc. Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba

Headshot of Mike Fagundes


Co-owner, lead designer

From his background in Engineering and interactive design, Mike's creative energy guides our design projects. He's also our co-owner and business manager. 
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Manitoba

Headshot of Carey Tarr


Content strategist

Carey leads the content strategy and project management of our web projects, and guides customers through the content development process. 
Journalism, Photojournalism major, SAIT

Headshot of Jeanne Brenner

Jeanne Brenner

Graphic designer

Jeanne focuses on our design needs for websites, digital marketing, social media, and advertising by creating work that delights the senses and serves a purpose.

BA Graphic Design, Minors in International Business and Marketing, Minot State University

Headshot of Katie Overwater


Web developer

Katie focuses on web frameworks, infrastructure, integrations, and data management. Behind the scenes, she's the one making everything make sense. 
Web Developer diploma, University of Winnipeg

Our approach

We believe in leading a collaborate and transparent process that instills trust and confidence in us, in your team, and with your audience. For all things design, digital, and strategy, we're your sounding board, your expertise, and your ally. We work as an extension of your team and rally toward your goals, because we share in your success. 


We build websites in Tungsten, a powerful Content Management System that provides unmatched control and customization. We know this because we built Tungsten from the ground up, with over 15 years of testing, iteration, and real-world success. It allows us to build a website to fit your exact needs, then add or expand features to meet the growth of your organization. 

Our name

Our name was inspired by the 1995 cult classic movie, Hackers. One scene mentions the phrase "Luscious Orange" in a passing reference to the US Department of Defense TCSEC. Intrigued, Mike purchased the lusciousorange.com domain in 2001, just in case. It was the beginning of our brand. Here's the clip from the movie, directed by Iain Softley.