St. Mary’s Academy is an independent all-female school with a junior high, a high school, and a foundation. Their challenging academic program and extensive extra-curricular options encourage students to exercise leadership and explore personal talents. 


St. Mary’s needed a website that could meet the goals of multiple stakeholders and audience segments. The website is a marketing tool for future students and parents. It’s also a hub for current students, parents, alumni, faculty, and foundation board members. Across multiple interests and activities, St. Mary’s staff need to keep information current and relevant. 


It was important for us to understand the structure and operations behind St. Mary’s. We spent time getting to know the people who rely on their website and learning about their needs and goals. The school is built on tradition but always looking to the future of academic excellence. Their website echos that, and is built to accommodate growth and change. 

Web design
Web development
Content development

Website design

This website is the Academy's first chance to make a great impression on future students and parents while keeping their current audience informed and engaged. The design reflects the school's brand and introduces the space, spirit, and opportunities that exists there.  

Campus Map

St. Mary's wanted a way for families to tour the campus and see the unique opportunities it offers. We built an interactive Campus Map to showcase key areas like the auditoriums, arts and foods studios, science labs, and gymnasium. Staff can easily update the map with new photography and descriptions.

Information Architecture

With multiple stakeholders striving for a voice on their website, it’s easy for content to get cluttered. We built modules that make it easy for staff to update content, and for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. For upcoming events, program information, clubs and extra-curricular options, publications, and even the daily lunch specials, this site is easy to manage and to navigate.

Content development

With two schools, a foundation, and a rich history here in Winnipeg, St. Mary’s Academy has a lot of stories and information to share. There were several people responsible for creating and approving content, and our workflow kept us all on track. We also did an on-site photoshoot to ensure imagery throughout the site was current. Together, we filled the site with photography and writing that’s focused and helpful for visitors.