A website audit is the best solution to gain real insight into how your website performs across a range of metrics and perspectives. We use a combination of tools including proprietary anaylsis tools as well as manual review of pages, all measured against your organizations specific needs, goals, and audiences. 

Do you need a website audit?

When was the last time a human looked at every page of your website to check for accuracy, relevance, accessibility, style, and errors?

If it's been more than a few years, you likely presenting information to the world that should be reviewed and assessed. A website audit is more than stats, it's core maintenance for a critical part of your business. 

Navigation and structure analysis

A properly structured navigation is core to helping visitors find what they need on your website. We'll inventory your site, segment, analyze and provide recommendations and suggestions on ways to improve naming, structure, and organization. 

Segmented inventory

We crawl and inventory your entire website, segmenting it into sections that speak to a different audiences, providing insight and recommendations for each section and specific pages. 


We correlate your web analytics with our data to provide a comprensive assessment of your site's effectiveness. 

Brand standards

We take your existing brand standards and other design materials and identify potential inconsistencies in terms of colours, fonts, asset usage and general aesthetic. 

Content analysis

Our audit process is fundamentally driven by a content analysis. We cannot audit a website without understanding the type of content and who it speaks to. 


A page-by-page and segmented analysis of the readability of the content on your website including word counts, reading grade levels, and reading ease. We'll quantify the complexity of your website content, providing guidance on which areas should be revisited. 

Code structure

We analyze the HTML that runs your site, using a mix of automated tools and manual review to find issues related to your content as well as how it impacts other parts of the audit including performance, accessibility, and SEO. 

Page-by-page audit

For websites that require a deeper understanding, we can perform a page-by-page audit, where our team works with you to review every page on the website, rating the content on the page and identifying issues to be addressed.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

There are so many factors that can impact how search engines process and rank your pages. Our focus is on your website and how it looks to Google. In fact, Google provides a free and detailed guide on how to improve your SEO results for your website. 

Code requirements

We look at the recommendations on code structure and ensure that the core items are in place such as page titles, HTTPS, meta viewports, and descriptive text.

Support files

We verify and analyze the various support files required for good SEO such as having a solid sitemap.xml and an existing robots.txt. These are the small things, often generated by your CMS, which help guide Google in the right direction. 

Broken links

Large websites can have hundreds (or thousands) of outbound links to other websites and files. We analyse all these links, identifying if they still work as expected.


We provide accessibility audits as part of audit process or as a separate standalone service. We analyze the overall accessibility of your website through a mix of page-by-page automated validation, as well as manual review of a set number of pages to identify specific issues, which require a human to inspect the pages. We use these values to measure them against various WCAG AA and AAA recommended standards for modern websites. 

Many of the items we analyze for accessibility purposes are also found in the code structure, SEO and content portions of the audit. Good accessibilty benefits everyone. 

Colour contrast

We'll identify colour contrast issues with specific elements on your site as well as quantify how your current brand colours interact with recommended standards for colour contrast. 

Image alt text

Our automated tools will find every image on your website and identify if they are missing alt tags, which are used by screen readers and google search for understanding the content on your website. 


Most websites don't properly consider the nuances of interactive elements, which are often the biggest issue for accessibility. Items such as menu dropdowns, popups, hidden fields, forms, tabs, and aria, must be properly considered as part of an accessibility audit.

Action items and recommendations

An audit provides context to the current state of affairs of a website. Depending on your goals and needs, we'll provide a series of categorized recommendations, based on what we find. At that stage, you'll have the context to make educated decisions about your next steps and how to address those issues. 


Improve and repair

If the issues found are addressible in your current infrastructure, the next steps can be completed with your current vendor, internally with your team, or with the support of our team. 

New website

For many of our clients, the audit turns out the be the first step in the process of building a new site, that not only addresses all the issues found in the audit, but also provides room to expand and improve on the needs that are often identified through this process.