Our strength is our collaborative process. Our team works closely across disciplines to ensure that content strategy, design, and programming are aligned for a great user experience. We’re passionate about creating websites that are not only eye-catching and engaging, but also usable and accessible.  


Every web project starts with discovery. It's a roadmap from your current state to your future goals. During discovery we learn about your organization, identify your goals, and discover how your website can support your success. 


We assess the amount, complexity, and functionality of your existing content and infrastructure. We look at third-party solutions, branding, marketing efforts, and any factors that might influence your website.

Research and strategy

Research is a significant part of discovery. We want to understand your organization, audiences, and goals. This is a chance to make sure all ideas and concerns are heard. For every feature and function on your website, we research the best options and implications to bring the best solutions forward. 

Project plan

A shared Google Sheet that supports our approach of transparency and clear communication. It includes the scope, budget, timeline, work progress, billing status, and detailed plans for content, design, and programming. It’s a guide and reference throughout the entire project.


Brand and style

Brand consistency is critical across your website. Through our design and content process, your brand is top of mind as we design a user-friendly experience that reflects your organization. 

UI/UX Design

We discuss your vision for the website, and explore design opportunities and implications. We'll create a template for the look, style, and usability of your website. Your design includes a UI kit that lets you present content with flexibility while maintaining visual consistency. 




Accessible practices make your website better for everyone. Good accessibility requires a multi-faceted approach. We follow best practices across content, design, and programming, aiming for a minimum level AA in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Content strategy

A guide for presenting, organizing, and labeling content to increase usability, findability, readability, and performance. We analyze existing content, decide what to keep or remove, and create a plan for creating new content. 

Content migration

If content needs to be migrated from an existing website or database, we develop a transition plan. That process is often automated. 

Content development

We guide the content development process. Our writers bring a unified voice across your website, editing for style, consistency, usability, readability, and SEO so your content as helpful and accessible for all website visitors. 


Custom solutions

Our strength is building custom web solutions for unique needs. We advocate for systems and automation that ease administration efforts and enhance accuracy and efficiency.

User restricted areas

We can design and build user-restricted areas that are integrated directly into your website. These solutions are customized with content, interfaces, and functionality to meet the needs of a specific audience.

Mobile friendly

Our website are designed to work across all modern platforms, devices and operating systems. This ensures your website loads properly for all users at home, at work, or on the go. 


Using analytics data, we gain insight into current traffic patterns and user behaviours to understand how people use your website and where they're coming from. 


Improving SEO requires a combination of research, strategy, and technical solutions. We focus on best practices, quality content, natural keyword usage to help people find your content. 

Digital marketing

Your website is part of a larger marketing effort. We learn about your target audiences, your previous marketing efforts, and create a plan for continuously improving traffic to your website. 

Long-term support

Websites are long-term infrastucture that often require support after they are launched. We offer a flat-fee annual support plan for all our clients, so we can effectively respond to your needs. 



We can provide a range of options from complete hosting and support, to a mixed solution that works with your IT team. 

Support help

Our support plan is focused on adapting to your needs. This can include email, support tickets and/or phone calls depending on your preference. 


We provide regular maintenance and security updates, to ensure the site continues to operate as expected.