Enns Brothers has strong roots in Manitoba. Family owned for over 60 years, they serve customers in agriculture, golf, and recreation equipment. On the field or at the lake, they aim to be the trusted supplier for Manitobans, so we’re honored they trust us with their long-standing brand. 


Enns has multiple customer segments and marketing needs that change seasonally. They're also trying to elevate their own brand while properly representing the brands they sell. 


We work on-demand with Enns' marketing team to keep up with ongoing deadlines and maintain brand consistency across their product lines through the changing seasons. 

On-demand graphic design
Digital marketing assets
Multi-channel sales campaigns


This seasonal Wishbook showcases products from each of Enns Brothers' business areas. It packs a lot of information without sacrificing esthetics or readability. 

Cover of the Spring 2021 Enns Brothers Wishbook shows two people on a Sea-Doo. The open Wishbook shows product photos, descriptions, and pricing.


Big purchases are about lifestyles, not items. We create large tradeshow banners and billboards to set the scene for a lifestyle that Enns' customers dream of. 

Billboard of a John Deere advertisement for ride-on lawnmowers. Blue sky in background.
Billboard advertising an upcoming sale on farm equipment. Blue sky in background.
Large interior signage of a Ski-doo campaign, hanging from the rafters at a convention centre.

Multi-channel marketing campaigns

Like many retailers, Enns is promoting their own brand as well as the brands they sell. As a retailer for John Deere, Ski-Doo, and other recognizable brands, they want customers to know that Enns is the best place to buy their dream machine. For sales and event campaigns, we create several design pieces to highlight the Enns brand while respecting the guidlines of their wholesalers. 

Poster advertising sale on kids lifejackets, displayed on a sandwich board.
Poster advertising sale on adults life jackets.
Part of an advertising campaign for life jackets, designed for instagram.
Part of an advertising campaign for life jackets, designed for Facebook.
A website banner advertisement, which is part of a campaign on life jacket sales.
Part of an advertising campaign for life jackets, designed for Enns brothers social media channels.

Social media assets

We help to maintain brand consistency across all channels. Social media often requires last-minute design to stay current and effective. When a snow storm knocked out power to hundreds of Manitobans, we created graphics to let Enns' followers know they had generators available. The post resulted in huge generator sales for Enns, and kept the lights on for their customers. 

Instagram post showing a sale on generators.
Instagram post showing the Summer Wishbook with child waterskiing behind a Ski-doo.
Instagram post showing four people on a pontoon boat.